TUMS Podcast 37

  • Play:
  • Song Name: TUMS Podcast 37
  • Artist: Emerging Eric
  • Year: 2014

Reverbnation Special 1

TUMS Podcast (www.theunsignedmusicshow.co.uk) featuring Unsigned, Emerging and Independent music from around the world. Presented by Emerging Eric.

This week’s show includes:

Part A
Mankind Is Obselete – Writing On The Wall
Ana Alvarez – Porcelain Doll
Glamawayne – We Rock
Auret – Cleopatra
Sabrina Signs – Higher

Reverbnation Top 3
HLFMN – Nature
Minus Light – Learning To Love
TSYDAE – Far Beyond Earth

Part B
Narrow Plains – So Rewind
Seven Story Fall – Sing To Me
Jonny Blamey – Literary Agent
Tim White ft. Erica Gibson– Take Me Over
Pris Maverick – What’s Done Is Done
Allie & Ivy - Paradisium