TUMS Podcast 12

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  • Song Name: TUMS Podcast 12
  • Artist: Emerging Eric
  • Year: 2014

TUMS Podcast (www.theunsignedmusicshow.co.uk) featuring Unsigned, Emerging and Independent music from around the world. Presented by Emerging Eric.

This week’s show includes:

Part A
Andrew Foster – Sea of Thought
Raushi – He’s Trying To Save Me
In Space – Sell Your Soul
Concrete Therapy – Trees Over Greed
Vera Lynch – The End of The World

TUMS Track of the Week
Shaye Taylor – Save Me

Part A (Cont.)
Sonja Midtune – There’s A Fire
Alisa Sharp – God Is Always On Our Side

Dane Cobain – Forever Alone
Christian Gregory – Won’t Go Nowhere
The Standards – Mice

Part B
Agerskow – Northbourne
Charleena Maughan – Queen of The Town
Jani Glasba – Dream
Sergey Rybytskyy – Chameleon