TUMS Podcast 8

  • Play:
  • Song Name: TUMS Podcast 8
  • Artist: Emerging Eric
  • Year: 2014

TUMS Podcast (www.theunsignedmusicshow.co.uk) featuring Unsigned, Emerging and Independent music from around the world. Presented by Emerging Eric.

This week’s show includes:

Part A
Fashion Week - Alabaster baby
Talia – Thelma & Louise
Marina Aboli – New Light
X-Phaze – Hold Me
Keltoi Lares – Egg Whore
Smilex – Wasted Youth
The Everglows – Tatty Little Love Song

Almost Human - Normosis
Such Sights – In Her Name
Real7 - This Coming Storm

Part B
Matt Hines – Base It On A Feeling
Madison – Rising Hero
Caroline Ty – The Buzz Of Your Heartbeat
Don Jo – Den Sidste Ende
Owl Brain Atlas – Emma’s Dots
Viking Krue – Broken Heart Lollipop